Sunday, September 12, 2010

Written in July 24, 2010

Some people have asked me whether I'm pregnant or not. Well, me and my hubby have been planning about it since we get married. We decided to use protection and plan on it a couple more months. Here are the reasons:
  1. I thought I wasn't ready mentally, because it's been too much happened this last year. My mom passed away, I should worked on my thesis and graduated on time due to fulfill my mom's wish. I should accept the reality and handle the condition inside my own family. I should get it stable first.
  2. I wasn't ready being a mother after I lost my mother. I was spending the whole year just to think about my mom. What I have done to her, what I should have done for her and what I haven't done for her. I am not grieving, it's an introspection.
  3. I had my own ambition, I was still trying to get an abroad scholarship this year. Now that I've done that, and I didn't get it this year. So it's over for this year.
  4. We were planning our financial condition. I thought we had to prepare and predict our financial condition.

Fortunately, my husband is supporting all my condition. After all, we're planning it for good reasons. We hope for the best.
I have taken TORCH test and dental examination on June 2010, and the result is good. My body is free from TORCH virus.

Now, I am gladly stating that I'm ready, insyaAllah. Started this July, we don't use protection anymore :)

September 4, 2010 --> testpack result is positive
September 8, 2010 --> gynaecologist examination result is 6 weeks pregnant, with endometriosis cyst, which cause me to be more careful, especially in the first trimester.

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