Monday, September 12, 2011

Ada kejadian kurang menyenangkan hari ini menyangkut pekerjaan. Salah satu proyekku dialihkan ke seorang kolegaku atas permintaan klien. Jelas permintaan konsumen itu berdasarkan masalah personal sewaktu aku bekerja di sana.

It was completely unfair, unprofessional and make me reaallllyyy upset!
I was quiet, I've admitted that I was wrong and naive, I've apologized and now they screw with me again through my job?
I won't be silent anymore. If they do anything bad to me once again, I'll fight back. I'm not that good, I could also be evil. But I'll make sure that I'm a smart evil, I'll do evil things if I really know that it'll affect them...haha...
Sekarang apa yang aku lakukan? Aku cuma bisa menerima keadaan ini dan mengadu kepada Allah SWT. Toh rejekiku bukan hanya dari proyek itu aja, Allah sudah mengatur semua rejekiku. 
Don't screw with me and step back!

Astaghfirullahaladzim...I let my emotion control me. I've just talked to my husband about this. 
Then I could see clear again. I've got soooo many wonderful things in my life. Recently, I can cooked 2 meals and I got my belated birthday present from my husband.
Why would I ruin my mood over one thing only? It's just ONE problem. Yes, it could affect my boss' appraisal more or less. But problem could come anytime and in any kind of forms.

Btw, I'll upload the photo of my birthday present soon :*

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