Saturday, June 7, 2014

It's been a loooong time since the last time I posted here..

Well....karena sejak awal bulan Mei, tiba2 kedua ART dan nanny Ayra keluar bersamaan -oh well it's a long story and I'm not keen on telling it over and over. Yang pasti terakhir2 memang sudah mulai bermasalah :(
Dan tahu sendiri mencari ART itu lebih sulit daripada cari jodoh :D
Jadi aku menghabiskan 2 minggu tanpa ART, dan alhamdulillah 2 minggu terakhir sudah mendapatkan ART lagi. Bahkan untuk nanny, dalam 2 minggu ini sudah ganti 2x...poor Ayra :(
Tapi bersyukur sekali aku mempunyai pekerjaan yang sangat fleksibel dan bos2 yang sangat pengertian. Selama pekerjaanku beres, they didn't care whether I came to office or not :)

And next happy news is.........I'm pregnant! Alhamdulillah...
It's official that I'm pregnant, I did my ultrasound check on last may and there was that tiny little embrio were seen. It's planned, but we were still surprise that Allah Gave us this fast. Only two months after the contraception was off :D

Oh ya, tanggal 16 Mei lalu, Ayra ulang tahun yang ke 2...alhamdulillah bisa menyusui Ayra sampai 2 tahun.

Another happy news is.... I was asked to be an operational manager at a children and maternal hospital in Surabaya. They have asked me since April, but I was not sure to accept it because of that maid things and my inconfidence of the time management :D
But then until mid of May, they still asking me, so I thought it was a sign from Allah. So I accept the offer....bismillah...

So since this June, I officially work in 3 places: as a consultant, a lecturer and a hospital manager.

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